House Calls

Let’s face it: going to a doctor’s appointment can be a hassle. From driving in traffic to sitting in the waiting room, it’s not uncommon for a visit to the doctor to eat up half a day. And for those already facing mobility difficulties due to a foot or ankle condition, the hassle only becomes that much greater.

That’s why we at Medical & Foot Care Group take pride in offering expert foot care in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

In addition to the convenience and the time savings, a house call can also save you money by eliminating the need for any gas money, toll fees, or parking costs you might otherwise have spent to get to the doctor’s office. House calls may be especially well suited for any of the following:

  • Parents with Children – A house call can be a welcome alternative to arranging child care or packing your kids in the car and driving to the doctor’s office. Whether the care is needed for yourself or one of your children, our experienced foot specialists can come right to your home to help.
  • Busy Professionals – If you run a business or manage an office, you may not have the luxury of leaving for half the day to sit in a doctor’s waiting room. Our doctors understand the potential difficulty of these situations, and routinely conduct our house calls at offices.
  • Elderly or Homebound Patients – Those who already face difficulties leaving their home often have the hardest time making it to a doctor’s appointment. A house call can save a great deal of time for these individuals, and reduce the need for a loved one to take a day off work to provide assistance. Some complaints treated during house calls include heel pain, thick painful toenails, calluses, ingrown nails, and diabetic and ulcer care.

To schedule a house call, please call us at (708) 448-9300, or visit our contact page.